BioPharm Logistics
WES is the most reliable biopharmaceutical courier in Asia; the company is formed by several professionals who have tremendous experience in serving the bioscience and major global express industries. We have handled numerous biological logistics on clinical trials, human blood, /tissue/plasma/bone marrow…and live animals; we have covered many countries including USA, Europe, Latin America, Middle East and Asia. Accumulating 8 years experience,. We offer our logistics expertise on transporting biological materials ambient and temperature controlled shipments (2-8 degree, frozen). We are here to serve you every day and every hour of a year without any exceptions! such as infectious (UN2814), noninfectious (UN3373)….,
Time Critical (AOG, Automotive and more...)
When every minute counts and communication is vital, we are the EXPERTS providing the highest level of service for all your critical shipments. From temperature sensitive commodities to urgently needed parts and equipment, we combine Next Flight Out service with the highest levels of COMMUNICATION in the industry. When you have a work stoppage scenario with an aircraft, a production line, or a waiting Field Engineer you can rely upon WES Courier to move shipments from point to point anywhere in the world with unrivaled speed, care and reliability.
Global Coverage
Our worldwide offices are complimented by a multinational alliance of like minded regional premium couriers all with local expertise of the regulations and requirements of their specific country. We will provide regulatory guidance on the import and export for all your time and temperature sensitive shipments. With a focus on not only traditional, but emerging markets, our network can coordinate collections and deliveries in even the most remote locations of the world.